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    Both Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel and Sidney Street, Stepney docks were out of action this morning – with a red light when inserting key on a bike and a ‘Terminal disconected’ message on the screen and the ‘Hire’ touch screen button greyed out.

    So I had an enjoyable walk to work instead. Good job I took the early train today.

    Online stats suggest they are working again now.

    Does tfl have a status page to see if its been previously been reported?



    What time this morning? I’ve just checked and the data on the website at 7am this morning said it was active, so TfL/Serco are being naughty if it wasn’t.

    I had to write into them previously because they closed numerous docks over the jubilee weekend (especially along southbank) with no warning on the website, and they still listed them as having bikes in them on the official app/website map!!

    In answer to your question they do indeed have a status page for docks – although it is more for planned closures rather than faults: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/cycling/18088.aspx



    No, I don’t think Serco do report them or if they do they are extremely tardy. Neither do I believe Serco report docks where a number of bikes are red lighted as it is not possible to get an extension as the ‘no docking point free’ is greyed out.

    Neither is it possible to either report a dock or extend a bike at a dock where one docking point is faulty and won’t receive a bike.

    Frustrating. :cry:



    Replying to @blighter‘s post:

    Hi blighter – yes I noticed they closed certain docks for the Jubillee weekend WITHOUT WARNING. Can you imagine TfL closing the Jubilee line WITHOUT WARNING for an entire weekend? No, neither can I. :roll: :|



    Wow, just received an unexpected following call about the Royal London/Sidney Street docks.

    Apparently they had some problem getting electricity to the docks so had to disable them – but that engineers were on the case and they’d be available again soon.

    (though far as I can tell they were working again the same morning)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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