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    Hi there – hope someone can help…

    I was a BCH virgin up until last week when I decided to use a bike casually. After some wrangling at the payment machine, when my card kept being refused, I finally received a release code. After using the bike I successfully docked it ok.

    The £5 access fee was successfully debited from my account but I then lost my debit card a few days later before they could take the usage fee…I’m not sure what to do, I hear the contact centre is not especially helpful and how will they be able to locate me – by my debit card details?

    Any idea what I should do? I hope there won’t be any additional charges for this as it is not exactly my fault!




    I’m not sure why you paid a £5 access fee. When I used the bikes it was only £1. Has it really gone up that much?

    Also, I would have thought the usage fee would have been deducted on the same day you put the bike back, no?



    Hi JB7; I’m guessing you purchased a 7 day access period and not a 24 hour.

    Either way I would recommend that you contact the customer support people, they are a lot more helpful than has been previously reported and explain your problem.

    Essentially I would say you have lost your 7 day access period as you need the debit card originally used to purchase this each time you want to obtain a release code from the terminal.

    As long as you have docked the bike correctly and within 30 minutes of your journey then I don’t believe you should have any further charges coming your way.

    Call them up and explain, you can’t be the first person to have experienced this issue.



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