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    Just went to a dock which said had 16 bikes on the app, I got there and there weren’t any! Was inaccurate at the 2nd one I tried too. Anyone else noticed this today?


    Alexander Baxevanis

    Hi Matt,

    I’m the developer of Cycle Hire App for the iPhone – just checked the official TfL feed and it shows that it’s been updated in the last couple of minutes. However, this doesn’t alway mean that the data is correct :(

    This site monitors the TfL feed as well: – but no sign of missed updates.





    Hmm, I’ve looked into it and seems that my host has removed the cron job I had set up that was archiving the data…!

    I’ve just submitted a support ticket asking why as it wasn’t me that removed them!!

    It’s strange that the Barclays app also showed wrong data… maybe I didn’t let it load or something :p

    Thanks Alex, that link is really useful

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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