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    I cycle often (on my own bike) down Parkway, Camden, where new docking satins have been added.

    There are plenty of quieter locations locally with wider pavements/ less traffic.

    Does any one know how to access the risk assessment documents for each location?

    Is this a new budget design?

    The racks back into a busy traffic lane reducing 3 lanes to 2.

    To dock, un-dock a bike you would have to stand in and propel the bike perpendicular to the traffic flow.

    Has anyone any experience of using this rack?

    I have included a video taken travelling down Parkway on three evenings last week for your information.




    That’s mad! I won’t be using that docking station in a hurry :!:



    Yes, I parked there. The biggest irritation was that it’s a one-way street, so I had to push my bike along the pavement. Hopefully more bike use will make the street calmer and safer for all road users



    You really don’t know the Camden one way system do you ;-)

    How was it docking the bike whilst in a traffic lane?



    No I don’t, but with Boris bikes coming to Camden it’s a chance to learn :)

    I docked without a problem. I guess I’d recommend being confident and visible, so if there are any cars they can go round you. This isn’t to be honest the first dock to be situated right next to difficult traffic – great care needs to be taken for example on Queens Gate in Kensington. Undocking is actually worse because you have to watch for traffic as you slide the bike out.

    20mph speed limits in all these areas would help.



    I was quite surprised they had chosen this location on Parkway. I noticed they had widened the pavement near the T mobile shop by the traffic lights, doing away with the flower stall and newspaper stand, thought they were going to put it there.

    There are quite a few Boris bike racks in roads around Knightsbridge like the one in Parkway and I regularly see bikes with a badly mangled back wheels, probably been hit by passing car.



    From what I have seen though throughout the rest of North and West London is that these “cheaper-to-install” racks are usually in quieter roads, not blocking one of three lanes of a very busy one way system.

    (Try putting your finger over the end of a hose pipe or tap and see the water spray everywhere)

    I’m not sure of the others but those near Gt Portland street of similar design ( back into the road), the cycles are docked well within the white boundary line.

    In parkway the cycles overhang the line, into the traffic flow.




    I had an issue with this docking port. It seems not to be working properly, at least the sensors. So watch out!

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