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    Even I think this is sad, but I was shocked.

    Without a bike, my drive to the Zone 5 station costs £1.92 in petrol per day.

    Add £3.50 per day parking, then a Zone 5 to Zone 1 return, £8.20 makes £13.62 per day

    With a bike (ok a Brompton, which I bought purely on the back of my Boris experience) and my costs drop.

    I ride to a Zone 4 station and get off in Zone 2, dropping my tube fare to £4.20 a day; no petrol, no parking, so saving £9.42 per day.

    Since the beginning on April, that’s nearly £300 !!



    I’m planning to compare my Oyster expenditure and access fee (£45) for the first year against my Oyster expenditure for the twelve months before the scheme started once 30 July rolls around. Considering I was putting £40 on the Oyster about every 3-1/2 weeks before I think the savings will be pretty significant – and it’s normally quicker than the bus!



    I used to put £50 on my Oyster every 3 weeks or so, now it’s £20 with about the same frequency.

    It’s quicker than the bus, and also much much more pleasant than the tube. About the only time I use the tube now is to go to visit a friend in Walthamstow. The sooner they extend the scheme out there, the better :-)



    I’m in a similar situation. I used to cross london (E14 to W12/whitecity) daily, so I was spending > 100/month on travel. I’ve since moved,and bought a bike, and now I spend about 40 every month (mostly on buses when it’s raining, or longer tube rides)

    Definitely a win :) and it was the BB’s that got me off my backside and on a bike again (well, “again” as in “in london” – I’ve done a lot of cycling in New Zealand)

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