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    I see this has been discussed before:

    I am very happy. On Friday I clocked the magic time.

    Rodney Street, Angel to Ashley Place, Victoria.

    I was going to Victoria by bike for the first time and was trying to keep my eye on my watch and get all the way to Victoria to catch my train. I got to the docking station nearest the station. I checked the print out and noticed that the borrow/return times read exactly 30 minutes. I have been on the scheme a few months and have never gone over 30 minutes. I finally found the use time and it was 29m59s and I couldn’t believe it.

    I thought perhaps I did go over a bit but they just put that to prevent people complaining etc. But it appears that someone on the other thread got 30m01s, so I guess they don’t do that for people. Pretty happy with that.

    Any one else got this?



    Congrats! That’s quite an achievement.

    The Victoria dock is a nice one, isn’t it. Not too far from the station, unusually.

    I’ve got a few seconds over 30m, but never just under. And it’s an awful feeling when you just miss 30m – you think back to all of those traffic lights that you could’ve ignored (!) to save a quid.



    Never managed the 29.59 nirvana although my journey used to be pretty much always between 28 and 30 minutes… Congratulations :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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