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    next month I am visiting London with two foreign friends who are flying over for a holiday. I have been reading about the costs of using a bike, but still can’t find the answer to this question:

    I see that I can’t pay using cash or an Oyster card. Therefore I assume a debit or credit card is needed. My two foreign friends have cards that have not worked for booking their flights, so I can’t imagine they will work at the docking stations (and even if they do, their banks might charge them a high lump charge for each transaction). So is it OK to use my debit card for three bikes? If not, what is the best way around this problem?

    Any help would be very appreciated. Cheers, Ben



    From the TFL website:- Barclays Cycle Hire

    Buy access

    At the docking station terminal, online or by phone

    For 24 hours or a week

    For up to three other family members and friends aged 14 or over. You will all have the same access period

    If someone else paid for your access, they’ll need to be with you if you want to hire another cycle during that access period

    If you’re a Member and want to buy Casual User access, you’ll need to use a different payment card, to the one registered to your account

    Hope this is of use.



    To paraphrase TfL’s wording: yes, you can pay for all 3 of you, but you’ll have to travel around as a group.



    Ahh thank you very much, really appreciate it.

    I have just received two guides in the post – Central London and Guide 7. Is it just me, or have they forgotten to put the docking stations on the map?! That was the main reason I ordered them, so I could have a map which clearly states where the nearest docking station to our next destination would be…



    if one of you has a smartphone then download an app to show you where the docking stations are – much simpler!


    Lance Green

    Learn a lot …lol



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    I’m very used now to helping casual users scratching their heads at the docking terminals (perhaps we regular users should wear badges in several different languages saying “please ask – I may be able to help”!), but came across a new one yesterday. A casual user had obtained their print out but where the bike release code should be there appeared to be a strange barcode composed of nothing but vertical lines.

    It was a while before the penny dropped…the release code was actually 11111!

    I guess statistically this must happen once every 243 users – I wonder if it’s caught others out? Maybe they should look at using a font that has serifs since, as it stands, they just appear as vertical lines.

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