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    Ringing the bike call-centre with a problem is a miserable experience of a customer process designed to maximise the call-holding time and delay time before the customer is asked to describe the reason for their call.

    After listening to endless recorded voice announcements and answering numerous irrelevant questions, the last place I want to be is standing outdoors next to my third out of action docking station on a rainy London afternoon trying to find out why I can’t get a bike!

    Please, someone at Serco, optimise your scripts and cut to the chase will you?



    Only called once and they were absolutely fab!



    Once I get connected and then get through all the security questions I generally find the service good.

    Not sure why they need all the security questions before answering mundane questions that are not specific to my account.



    When I have had to ring them, they have been helpful and the problem resolved. But I agree that like every such call centre the keep to the script regardless aspect is irritating. At least in my experience the TfL people can see sense and break out of the script when required.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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