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    Has anyone else noticed the frequency in which buses overtake cyclists just before a bus stop then sharply pull in just in front of the cyclist?



    Yes frequently happens to me. I assumed their belligerent aggressive driving against Boris Bikers was part of their standard bus driving training from TfL. I keep a notepad now for the worst ones to log a complaint on their website.



    When I rode boris bikes it used to happen to me all the time. Kind of annoying but you could usually see when it was going to happen by the way the junction or traffic light was set up.



    Try and make a note of the number on the side – normally near the front door. I think it ties to the driver. It’s on a plate that hooks on.



    Replying to @pfsc99‘s post:

    TfL don’t train drivers. TfL don’t operate buses. Everything is contracted out.

    Replying to @malcolmb1963‘s post:

    Malcom – the thing you’re talking about is the “running number” – it identifies the shift the driver is working. Unfortunately not all companies use them on the side of the vehicle anymore (some stick them in the front windscreen).

    Just get the time/date, route number & registration plate. When you complain to TfL, they’ll work out the company from the route number & then together they’ll be able to trace the driver.



    When the Boris Bikes were first introduced, I did find buses would frequently overtake me just before bus stops. It was very frustrating and dangerous. However this seemed to stop all of a sudden after a few weeks. I heard somewhere that all drivers were made to watch a cycle safety video and that they were instructed to slow down behind cyclists when approaching a stop instead of overtaking them.

    Having said that, a few weeks ago, for the first time in probably a year I had and aggressive bus driver overtake when approaching a stop. It was on Princess St in the City (very narrow street next to the Bank of England). He hadn’t even completed overtaking me when he pulled into the bus stop forcing me off the road onto the footpath! I almost fell off and was rather shaken. Seeing as the bus was now stopped and the front door open and rode up along the footpath to speak to the driver. Before I got to say anything he started yelling and screaming at me before closing the door in my face and driving off! Had he simply said sorry then I probably would have left it at that, but given the rude attitude on top of trying to run me over, I took out my iPhone and took a photo of his license plate.

    I reported the incident via the TfL website and a few weeks later received a written apology from the bus company. They said they had reviewed CCTV and had spoken to the driver but could not disclose the outcome due to privacy. They did however offer an apology. So that was nice.

    Considering all the boris bike journeys I have made over the last a year and half, to only to have one close call is pretty good going I reckon.

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    I don’t have time to report them. They do it every day eastbound along Oxford Street (Plaza end), New Oxford Street, Bloomsbury Way. Routes 7, 25 and 55 are particularly bad, but they all do it along that stretch.



    This is still a real problem. The recent one involved a bus no. 55 driver driving right into an ASL (not the irony) to inform me the reason he pulled out whilst I was overtaking was that the law states “bus drivers have right of way”

    So is the law at fault? Bus drivers now see fit to throw their box of metal all over the road in any way they feel fit, whenever they like, “because of the law”. What they are doing is incredibly dangerous. And part of the danger is in not keeping things simple:

    Bus drivers should have right of way EXCEPT in respect of cyclists to whom they should ALWAYS give way. The law as it stands allows bus drivers to drive dangerously. Time for a law change. Having motorists race cyclists is dangerous.



    Replying to @radii8‘s post:

    Good idea. Contact your MP & suggest it.


    bus no. 55 driver…inform me the reason he pulled out whilst I was overtaking was that the law states “bus drivers have right of way”

    The bus driver is misinformed. There is NO law that gives bus drivers the right of way.

    The Highway Code says in rule is 223

    Buses, coaches and trams. Give priority to these vehicles when you can do so safely, especially when they signal to pull away from stops. Look out for people getting off a bus or tram and crossing the road.



    Thanks PM that is helpful to know. They must teach bus drivers something different in training school, because that bus driver is not the only one to have said it.

    Bus drivers routinely pull out knowing the cyclist behind is overtaking or trying to overtake and this happens routinely on the eastbound along Oxford Street (Plaza end), New Oxford Street, Bloomsbury Way. It forces the cyclist off the road, into the next fast moving lane, or worse into oncoming traffic and it’s jarring. Maybe this gives bus drivers the power trip they need and then race them to the next set of lights, which are usually red, so it makes no sense really but it happens. Nothing done by the police. (are there any traffic cops left?) :(



    Time for a step change?

    I’d like to see TfL install plain clothes bus driver monitors along the routes to hop on and off buses and monitor the behaviour of bus drivers, like they do with learner bus drivers. And to wait at key junctions and at bus stops to see how the driver pulls out and whether they wait for cyclists or not. And for the results of this to filter into their annual appraisal and bonus.

    And the law should change so it’s not only ill advised to pull out in front of cyclists, but completely illegal and for it to be a chargeable offence.


    matthew barry

    I was on a bus some weeks ago and the driver was a complete loony – fast, swerving about, cutting up anything else that moved, not just cyclist, screeching to a stop, etc etc. Another passenger went up to him and had a quite word and flashed the driver some sort of ID. After that, the driver was a model citizen. I did wonder if the other passenger was some sort of plain clothes bus inspector.

    With reference to the Highway code and rule 223. What about rule 69 – the one about red lights how cyclists are actually supposed to stop at them. Is this is a case of one rule for them and one for bicycles but if you don’t like the rule, hey, just ignore it?



    ^ the other passenger may have been an off duty police officer. I think they’re supposed to step in when there is trouble if they are travelling on public transport (somebody correct me please if I’m wrong)

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