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    I’ve had an access key for the scheme since launch day and lately I’ve noticed it’s become a little bit tricky getting it into the slots until yesterday it reached the point where I couldn’t get it in one at all. I phoned the call centre right away and they issued me a new one free of charge which arrived this morning which was pretty efficient but I was intrigued to see if anyone else had had the same problem. The guy at the call centre said I wasn’t the first to report this! The new ones are white instead of black I notice so will doubtless be looking a bit grubby soon but for now it’s shiny and new and I look forward to using it tomorrow.



    Yup, a few people have had this problem, myself included.

    It starts by becoming difficult to get it into the slot, which is generally a sign that it’s about to split right down the middle. From my experience, the key only has a lifespan of about a year, give or take, if you’re carrying it around in your pocket full time..

    Anyhow, mine split down the middle, but I managed to save the RFID chip inside, and it was fine to use just making sure I held it together until I got home, superglued the thing back together, and carried on. No signs of coming back apart yet, though I’ll bear in mind that the call centre seem happy to replace them at short notice, just in case…



    It was a surprising joy to use my new key today – I’d forgotten how easily it used to go in. I even foolishly thought at some point when it started to get stiff that the slots were getting smaller as they got gunked up but fortunately not!



    I had the same problem months ago. The widening was caused by the chip inside getting dislodged and forcing the two halves of the key open. The key was replaced but customer services were kind enough to point out that I was only allowed one replacement key and I’d have to pay for any further replacements. Hopefully now the problem has proved to be more widespread, the tight buggers will relax their rules.

    (anyone one else fail to keep a straight face whilst reading mudchute’s last post, or do I just need to grow up?)



    OMG bbb! I’ve got the dirtiest mind going and it wasn’t till you pointed it out and I reread my last post that I’d realised how saucy it sounded ;-)



    Replying to @bbb‘s post:

    I had no problems getting a free replacement when my second key failed in this way. (By the time I’d noticed, the RFID chip had got lost, otherwise I’d have stuck it back.) The new key is white rather than black, but I don’t know if there are any other subtle design changes to reduce breakages.



    This happened to me today exactly as above. However when I placed the chip back into the two halves and fed it back in no joy. 5 working days to get a replacement key? I hope mine does arrive PDQ as I’ve got into the habit of cycling everywhere now! Feel a bit lost without my key

    Oh, and their poxy casual use scheme doesn’t work for me (amd I’ve tried everything and it just says “your request can’t be processed right now” (without explanation)



    Mine arrived the very next day despite the ’5 working days’ suggestion so fingers crossed you shouldn’t have to wait long.



    Replying to @radii8‘s post:

    Two reasons for not being able to use the casual use scheme:-

    a) You can’t use the same credit/debit card that you registered with the key (silly but true)

    b) Your card processor may think that the £1 deduction is a fraudster testing if the card works, before making a substantial purchase.

    Both happened to me when my key broke. But my third card was accepted.



    My key became unusable last night. I thought it was a software glitch at the two full docking stations, but this morning I was able to check with another user who was successful where mine would not fit.

    On phoning the help number, I was told that one would be dispatched immediately but would take 3 days. I would not be able to use my registered card to buy day tickets, but should use a different card and they may consider refunding me for the days I don’t have my access key.

    The call centre is in Enfield and they do not have anywhere in London for swapping damaged keys for new ones.



    Happened to me today… I read all of your posts and had already decided to order a new one as I have had the first one since the scheme started… but never got round to it..

    This morning I had found a wonderful new 21000 series bike, it was a beautiful sunny morning and the key would just not go in the slot… If you have had your key since the start (like I have), don’t get caught out.. if your key is even beginning to split, order a replacement !!



    Finally happened to me yesterday too. I really should have followed the prescribed advice and ordered a new key before. At a glance there’s no perceptible change in the key. It hasn’t noticably expanded.

    A shame – now that the rain’s stopped I was looking forward to some BB’ing this weekend. :cry:

    Anyway, a new key is ordered and promised within 3 working days. Am sure it will arrive just as the rain resumes next week.

    Long time users – don’t delay: get a new key!


    matthew barry

    I have had my key since about a month after the start and so far, it seems to be holding up. My key sits in my wallet all by itself and I wonder it is more likely to split if it spends it’s life getting bashed about by keys on a key ring? Obviously with the hole drilled in the fob there is an expectation that it will sit on a key ring and on the evidence of on 2 occasions finding a key left in the docking station attached to a bunch of keys, that would appear to be the case. No doubt in the next few days my theory will be proved wrong and I will find that my key won’t fit and I will be ordering a new one!



    Replying to @matthew barry’s post:

    No doubt in the next few days my theory will be proved wrong and I will find that my key won’t fit and I will be ordering a new one!

    No doubt! Mine was working flawlessly until yesterday. Not even a hint of trouble. That said, it was attached to my house keys keyring, so it has certainly been through the mill. I’ve had it since day 1 of the scheme – perhaps you’ve got 30 days or so before a daily “borussian roulette” of will it/won’t it fit.

    I’m mildly sad that my ‘Boris Bike Original’ key is out of commission now.

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