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    Prices from January 2013:

    1 day rises from £1 to £2

    1 week rises from £5 to £10

    1 year rises from £45 to £90

    The first 30mins are still free.



    Christ. This is going to put a real dent in their usage.

    £1 vs a bus/tube… great value… £2 vs a bus/tube… meh

    Only the dedicated will keep using them.

    Is THIS encouraging cycling in London. I’m disgusted. The Boris Bikes should be part of a long-term strategy to normalise cycling, not a potential cash cow.



    £2 for unlimited hires within 24hr period vs. 1x bus journey @ £1.40 or 1x tube journey @ £2.10

    Keeping the access fees as round numbers makes sense.

    My understanding is that the bikes were always intended to get people used to cycling in town & then move on to buying/using their own bike.



    I have a annual membership, but I often use the bikes just ONCE per day. Sure, it’s “unlimited” in 24 hours but that doesn’t mean that I actually NEED to do more than one trip.

    The barriers to cycling in London are already so high that anything acting as a discouragement should be fought against.



    From a pragmatic perspective, now is the time to buy annual membership: going going quick!

    The fare increase is a shame: it was inevitably forthcoming but not to this extent. Let us not forget that the scheme is losing money: a fraction of the £50m from Barclays has been paid; expenses have overrun; and not enough people go over 30 minutes. From what I understand, the scheme is basically subsidised by those paying their taxes!

    Fortunately for us, the Barclays scheme can still be a cost effective option: £2 a day works out cheaper than the other public transport options (so long as you keep each ride under 30 minutes.) So in some respects us Boris Bikers, and Barclays bank, are still winners :lol:

    I guess the greater lesson one could take from this fortunately trivial disappointment would be to Think, Remember, then Vote :-)



    Still seems like a very good deal to me. I’m not rich, by any means, but an extra £45 a year won’t get noticed. There must be some very skint people riding boris bikes for that to make much difference.



    The girl told me to phone up on Jan 1st to get the ‘old’ rate for another year (mine expires early Jan anyway).



    Absolutely awful idea to double the costs. Have written about it more on my blog if anyone’s interested:



    I’m in two minds about this. I don’t mind handing over more money, if it means the service will improve (and there is big room for improvement, especially in redistribution after 5pm since the expansion). And because the service is still loss making, it was inevitable that we’d have to pay more (it’s unfair for non-bike users to subsidise us).

    My concern is that it takes bike hire off the radar of uncommitted users. It puts it just that little bit further out of reach.

    And don’t forget, very very few people use Barclays Cycle Hire as their only means of transport. For most, it’s an additional expense on top of the cost of an Oyster card. It’s a luxury.

    If it does end up dissuading users, we’ll all lose out.



    Got the email and was quite surprised. I don’t really mind a bit of a price hike, but doubling is a bit ridiculous..

    I’m sure causal users, including a lot of tourists, will still use it even if it is £2. It’s all about the gimmick and stuff. But for a student like me, who uses the bikes for my daily 15-minute commute to uni, I might as well get my own bike for £90? No fuss to look for spaces to park and pick up bikes.

    When it was £45, I traded it off for the convenience of the hire. At £90, I am seriously considering getting my own bike when my membership runs out.



    Replying to @chungcyk‘s post:

    I understand where you are coming from @Chungcyk although if you can renew before January then you are in a good position. Barclays bikes are fantastic when they work, sadly there are often problems of availabiity and rotation – why they dont leave docks half full is beyond me.

    I use the bikes as a luxury not a necessity and for £90 you can purchase a high quality traditional town bike. You just have to take into account security, parking, and maintenance. Still far cheaper and more effective than bus, tube, and car when in London. But if you are happy with the current setup, which will hopefully improve given the extra cash, then the extra hassle ought to be a consideration.



    Personally I reckon the principle of doubling hire charges is pretty outrageous. For me, it’s not necessarily the cost itself, but rather the seeming lack of any clear justification for doing so – or transparency about the overall scheme finances. If it is the case that TFL grossly underestimated the costs of running the scheme, and it loses massive amounts of money, why not just say so? Maybe I am thinking about this the wrong way, but I would assume the capital costs of the installed docks/bikes are now hugely lower than the initial roll-out?

    I’d like to know how much Serco are charging to run the service and how much that fee is going up in 2013. Is the increase to fund the scheme expansion maybe? (theoretically not as the expansion should generate additional income too). Does the scheme income really not cover the running costs????

    Wrt the charges, the annual fee now offers by far the best value, even more so than before. However, surely would it not have made better sense to increase this by a smaller % (say 50%?) to encourage greater uptake of the annual fee. Or perhaps offer some discount to Oyster card season ticket holders? Will there be any guarantee to keep future increases to a reasonable rate? I doubt it…



    My annual access period expires in March next year. I’ve just logged into my account and it appears that I can buy a new 1 year annual access period now for £45, before the price increase in the new year. I guess that this new access period would then be activated once my current one expires in March, giving me a further year for £45.

    Does anyone know if this is correct or not?



    I would also like to know if this is true.

    Mine expires early January so would be very annoying if it auto-renews just days after the price change!



    The easiest way to do it is to take out a new annual subscription now (with a new key) and then cancel the old one before the term ends (and make sure you switch off auto-renew).

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