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    The hugely popular bike hire system (16 million journeys/year) is more than doubling prices for next year from around 45 to 95 creating at the same time new 10,50,100 uses passes.

    considering the London system is also running at a loss, will we see £100 fees anytime soon? (in spanish)



    If we do, I will probably opt out. I’ve got my own bike. If I did opt out, it’s unlikely I’d use it for ad hoc journeys. It’s great for the fun element, but it’s not a reliable alternative to public transport.

    I don’t use it much now I’ve got my own bike so, currently, they’re making money out of me (like the proverbial gym membership…)



    There is no suggestion that prices will increase any time soon. If they did, I doubt they’d more than double. Boris bikes are superb value compared to any other mode of transport – annual membership costs you the equivalent of just over 20 single journeys on the tube. I think the low cost is why so many people are using the bikes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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