Are you allowed to load a boris bike into your car?

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    I know this sounds like a really dodgy question but I have been pondering how to get the best use out of the boris bikes and have settled on this as an idea:

    1. Pick up a bike at Borough Station in the evening

    2. Cycle to my car parked a couple of miles away

    3. Load bike into car and drive to nearest docking point (the Bermondsey one probably)

    4. Unload bike into docking point.

    All this would take less than 30 minutes.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about whether that was in the spirit of the scheme or not. I know I would think it was very dodgy looking to see someone hauling one of the bikes into a car – as if they were planning on stealing it.

    Your thoughts will be appreciated ;-)




    Good question, I agree it may look suspicious but you have “hired” the cycle!! I’ve not seen a guidance policy that says what you can or can’t do… I’d check with customer services however they maybe unclear/cloudy with the answer.



    I know this is probably a silly question, but why would you need to? You can definitely cycle from Borough to Bermondsey in under half an hour, and if the issue is that the docking stations near you are frequently full, you can add extra time. I’m sure there’s probably a good reason for it, but it just seems like unnecessary hassle to me!



    Have you ever lifted a normal bike into the back of a car without removing the wheels? It’s unbelievably awkward. A boris bike is two or three times the weight of a normal bike, and would potentially be coated in London grime too. A great way to trash the interior and give yourself a hernia!

    Buy a little folding bike and save yourself all the hassle.



    …. or sell your car and join Zipcar instead – – they work great for me and I save a fortune!

    Like garlic bread it’s the future :-)



    The answer as to the “why” is that my car would be quite a bit further east than the furtherest-east docking station and so it’s the best solution I can see to taking advantage of the scheme. (Obviously in an ideal world, there’d be docking stations even further!)

    My car’s back seats fold down so I’m sure there’d be room enough – although it remains to be seen if the bikes themselves are too heavy. (Amazingly I’ve yet to ride one – though I’ve applied for my key!)

    The other reason “why” is because the main reason I don’t cycle as it is, is because I can’t stand the maintenance/hassle of owning a bike. The beauty of this scheme is that that’s all taken care of by someone else.

    It slightly disturbs me that my route would involve my cycling over that junction where some cyclist was killed yesterday but hopefully that’s just a one off bit of really bad luck and I really do want to take advantage of the scheme since it seems like such a good idea.





    Just called and apparently it’s A-OK by them – although obviously I’d be responsible if there was any damage…

    Just in case anyone else wanted to know!




    Yep, I’ve taken a Barclays Cycle Hire Bike on the tube! No complaints from tube staff. Although one did tell me to “switch the bloody lights off”. Haha.



    Haha! Good story.

    For enquiring minds… I tried every which way of getting a boris bike to fit without success. But I am enjoying the scheme in other ways!

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