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    The call centre clearly don’t have the desire or capability to handle complaints. I think Boris needs to get the message that the scheme is failing so many people. Would (e.g.) a facebook complaints group help get some attention, and hopefully things fixed?



    Why do you need a Facebook group? Isn’t that what this forum is for?

    There has been quite a bit of communication between this forum and TfL over the months. I suspect they are aware of the issues, hence the 5 million quid fine that they gave Serco…



    On Tuesday night I docked at Hinde Street (just behind Wigmore Street). I found there was already a key in the docking station. I phoned the call centre to report it. After being on hold for fifteen minutes (‘we apologise we are experiencing high numbers of calls at this time’ – 7 o’clock on a Wednesday night – really??) I finally got through to a human. She would not listen to anything until I’d given my number, postcode etc. I said I simply wanted to report a found key so that they could deactivate the account and I would post it back to them (or destroy it if that was easier). I was told this was not possible and that I must take it to a police station to report it and get a police report number. What a total waste of my time and the Police’s!!! Completely ridiculous. (In the end I simply handed it to one of the Serco drivers at Paddington the following morning).



    replying to keeba28

    Several weeks ago I wrote to members of the GLA (Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green)over my concerns about this brilliant scheme. The following was sent to me via Val Shawcross’s office and in addition to what cyclingnewbie states, if true, will hopefully resolve the problems experienced by User’s – as identified by TFL?

    “Ruzzi commented on a blog which contains a number of entries on the Cycle Hire scheme. He mentions in particular an entry dealing with software system issues. TfL was aware of the issues raised in the blog and is discussing with Serco how they can best be resolved, including by testing a software fix. I would add that all known difficulties with the scheme are regularly reviewed to ensure progress is made in resolving them.

    While TfL remains pleased with the overall operation of the scheme and gratified that over five million journeys have been taken on scheme bikes in less than a year, we are determined that all customers receive the high level of service which TfL expects, and Serco has contracted to provide.

    To this end TfL recently issued Serco with a ‘Critical Improvement Plan’ requiring them to undertake a swift but comprehensive ‘discovery phase’ to determine the breadth and depth of the issues identified by TfL. Following on, TfL has proposed a series of actions to remedy each issue with associated timescales. The Plan was delivered to Serco on 3 June, and it is our expectation that all actions are completed by the end of July this year.”

    I hope this is useful and if you have any other questions please let me know,

    Andrew Miles Government Relationship Manager

    Transport for London

    Strategic Relationship Centre




    It’s not really good enough, one year on for the scheme to have so many faults. It took the underground over 100 years to get to its current state. If TFL if pleased with the overall operation of the scheme, why on earth is there a critical improvement plan and a fine. Spare us the spin and treat us like adults.



    There is no genuine way to officially register complaints. I am seriously considering binning my boris bike keys.

    Hopefully the scheme will improve with time, but it’s not as if their shortcomings have arisen from a lack of it.



    On the “Contact Us” page of the website, change the contact type from “Enquiries” to “Complaints”.



    @keeba28, why not come to the Boris Bikes Picnic tomorrow evening?

    Previous events have involved some TfL representation given us an excellent opportunity for feedback and to find out what plans might be in the pipeline.

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    Deliveries Express

    Boris Bikes – WHY????????

    OK it’s happened now – accepted. But NOW where ever there was a decent space for HGV’s to park and deliver to local businesses – has been taken up by BORIS BIKES.

    Just to top it up – Westminster Council has REMOVED (restricted) so many more parking spaces (by painting kerb marks) – it’s become increasingly difficult to deliver in London??????? Westminster Council doesn’t believe in “Loading Bays”.

    And these policy makers really don’t have a clue as long as PCN’s are issued left right and centre – SHAFTED.



    HI Delivery chaps,

    This is a boris-bike user forum, so not the place for you to get your complaint heard.

    And don’t expect any pro-HGV opinions here! For us, HGV’s are a dangerous menace!



    Hear hear! And in fact the main barrier to access to kerbside space in London is not Boris bikes but car parking – in fact some of these car parks are amusingly known as cycle superhighways



    Replying to @martinc‘s post:

    Yes, how true! Now if only there was a place to have those grievances genuinely heard and handled…

    Well, I guess the pub is our wooden spoon ;)



    I do love the idea of an external site that TfL can view but not control to make public the various issues with the scheme. Facebook is good because it’s easy to publicise and people are familiar with using it.



    Replying to @martinc‘s post:

    Haha :-) But Martin, do you realise how inconvenient the cycle superhighways are to car drivers? They take up valuable road space, and you have important things to do. Do you have any idea the price of petrol? Where better to park your car but the edge of the road? You do it everywhere else and you pay your road tax, unlike cyclists.

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