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    I am conducting research with the University of Cambridge on the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme. I’m interested in hearing from new cyclists, veteran cyclists and even those just thinking about cycling. I would be grateful if you would complete the survey and pass it on to any friends, family members or work colleagues.

    Here is the link:

    The survey should take about 15 minutes and your responses are strictly confidential. When you are finished don’t forget to enter to win £50.

    Thank you for your support and see you on the road!



    There are a couple of bugs in the survey. Inconsistent questions (e.g. asking me whether I wanted to try it although I stated that I am a regular user) and incomplete questions No. 27.

    Also, there is no information about who is responsible for the survey and about the link to Cambridge University. That would encourage people to take part.



    I’m afraid stopped at page 3 when it asked me whether I would consider trying the scheme having told it I have been using it for ages.

    As you are saying it is for the University and that it will take me 15 minutes, I too would appreciate some link to say that it is official.

    Please sort out the bugs and I’ll try again.



    Replying to @interchris‘s post:

    Thanks for the comments. The survey software is frustratingly unreliable. Perhaps in a fitting analogy to the scheme itself at times?

    The project is being carried out within the Environmental Policy branch of the Land Economy program at Cambridge University. It will combine analysis of the API data, survey responses and interviews to assess to what extent the Cycle Hire Scheme is increasing cycling in London.



    I will post a new version of the survey this afternoon. Unfortunately the KwickSurvey platform I was using is rather unreliable. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and thank you to those who tried to complete a survey.



    For a bug free version of the survey use : this

    Sorry again for the problems earlier!



    All done – the new version was much better :-)



    Finished, and it took less than 15 minutes.



    As a former Land Economist, I hope you get the data you need!



    In your experience are there usually bikes available at docking stations? Yes.

    Next question should be: Are you always able to undock a bike? No. Sometimes the key you paid £48 for gets you nothing but red lights, while people paying £1 at the ticket machine merrily take bikes from under your nose, and sometimes you walk along to the next docking station and the same thing happens again, so you give up and get the bus. Happened to me on Saturday at Bethnal Green Road and Commercial St.



    @Ian Sometimes I find myself racing someone to a docking station (power walking) only to take the bike under their nose. I’m a yearly subscriber, they obviously are a daily subscriber. I like this arrangement, obviously :)

    << big fat meanie



    Thanks to everyone who has submitted a survey! So far I’ve had over 200 responses. Unfortunately, most of the respondents are people who have only heard of the scheme but not used it. (Note: they were recruited for the survey through other means) We can’t let that stand! If you use the scheme I’d love to hear from you! And remember, everyone who completes a survey is enetered to win £50 from the drawing. The link is here:



    Replying to @kelcie‘s post:

    But are you looking for a cross-section of society or users? Where you source participants for your survey from will skew the answers one way or another (as you have seen so far with the “I’ve heard of the scheme” respondents).



    Replying to @kelcie‘s post:

    Done. It would have been helpful if you had differentiated between ‘cycle lane’ and ‘physically segregated’ cycle lane. ‘Cycle lane’ to me means a bit of paint on the road two foot wide. ‘Physically segregated cycle lane’ means separation from traffic, somewhere cars can’t park and HGVs and buses can’t can’t accidentally cruise into.

    “I feel safe cycling on a busy street with a cycle lane.”



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