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    When the Serco stations are out of service you cannot get a status of the nearest bikes, so you fall back to using the inaccurate Serco map. Walk to the next Serco station(s) and find they are either being installed or removed with no bikes!

    Is it beyond Serco’s ability to maintain accurate physical maps of where their working sites actually are? Even a sticker to cover up the out of service stations would be a sufficiently chap solution to preventing long walks and customer ire.

    The status that shows a full Serco rack nearby but fails to tell you that it is out of service, another walk!

    In the end we walked from Speakers Corner to Regent’s Park via six stations looking in vain for bike.

    Disgraceful Serco!



    What time was this? We had the same problem at 1.30 this afternoon. We tried 7 docking stations: 3 at Speakers’ Corner, one at Old Quebec Street, one just north of there, and one next to St Christopher’s Place, plus George Street.

    They were all out of service, the ‘helpline’ weren’t able to check the status of the docking stations. Only ‘customer service’ can do that, and I’m promised a call back within 24 hours. Pretty useless when you’re standing on the street.

    My friend is demanding a refund for his £1 daily access (interesting that the docking station could charge him but couldn’t release a bike).

    We found a Serco man fixing a broken screen on the unit in George Street, we asked him what was going on and he told us there were “no problems” even though there were dozens of people wandering round Speakers’ Corner trying to figure out what the hell was up.

    Pretty appalling show.

    And then tonight, all around Notting Hill – no spaces at 5 different docking stations.

    Serco is *really* messing up lately.



    @Urban – yes, this afternoon. George St was shown as having about a dozen bikes, walked there at 4pm to find the screen dead, so walked onto Baker ST etc etc etc Having left Speakers Corner via Connaught Sq eventually found a couple in poor condition at Regent’s Park.

    Serco have never mastered this service yet, not rocket science is it?



    According to the XML feed from TfL, which they claim is also used for all other purposes (docks, website etc), for much of today the feed was only updating ~every 1 hour.

    It is now back to a ~6 minute update period (slower than normal, but a big improvement) – I guess something went kersplatt somewhere. Maybe they were making use of Sunday to work on the system, and it will now be better (says the optimist in me)



    another weekend, another debacle…

    I was at Concert hall approach – 3pm Saturday – on the call centre for 25minutes trying to release a bike.

    “can you try this bike?” – no thats not here

    “Can you try THIS bike?” – no thats not here either

    “Why dont I try this bike XYZ” – Oh my system says that isnt at that docking station


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