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    Like quite a few people here I signed up for an annual subscription just over a year ago. I had my account set to automatic renewal, so when the year expired, the first time I used a bike again, the annual fee was taken again.

    No problem, that is what is supposed to happen.

    A couple of weeks later I get an email telling me that the credit card I have registered is due to expire soon, so I must give them the details of a new card, as otherwise they would have no way of charging past the first 1/2 hour, etc.

    Again, no problem, I log into my account, and provide the new card details, and choose to use a card from a different bank.

    I was checking my bank statements today, and found that as well as taking the annual payment from the original card, they had taken it again when I had updated the card details on the system. Looking at my account on the Barclays Bike Hire site, my account is £45 in credit.

    Now although they have agreed without quibble to refund the second £45 payment, they didn’t quite grasp that there must be something wrong with their system for it to do this.



    I never set up automated renewal for this reason. And was given 6 months free! This is why I love Boris Bikes :)

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