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    I thought i would try and claim the title for longest single ride on a BB within a 24 hour period , 205 miles !!

    Starting in Greenwich at 6pm Friday 30th September my route took me around the Virgin London marathon course , followed by the London 2012 Olympic marathon course and finally along the 149 miles of the London 2012 Olympic mens cycling road race course , which included 9 ascents of Box Hill in Surrey and a total of more than 2,500m vertical ascent. Finally finishing back in The Mall at 4:30pm Saturday, after 22.5 hours , i burnt about 10,000 calories in the process and reached a max speed of 40.5 mph .

    The time pressure we were under to finish within 24 hours , meant that once onto the 81 miles of the Box Hill loop at 4:30am there was virtually no time resting off the bike as the average speed had dropped so much on the climbs. This lack of breaks had its consequences and i completely hit the wall coming through Richmond Park on the way back into town with 198 miles done and had to ride the last 7 miles completely out of it at the end of our reserves of energy and willpower battling with the buses and taxis through Fulham and Knightsbridge. Surprisingly really, really enjoyed almost all of the ride , especially the superfast descents in the Surrey Hills and strangely enough ( maybe helped by the great comments and encouragement from other riders and our support team) but also enjoyed going up the Box Hill zig-zags.

    As for the next challenge , some bright spark yesterday suggested a Boris Bike Lands End to John O’Groats ……….

    By the way if anyone uses Boris Bike 18282 please be gentle with it , it deserves a rest !!



    I admire your feat, but I can definitely think of better ways to spend £50! :P



    Replying to @7209′s post:

    I can definitely think of better ways to spend £50!

    Well, those 10,000 calories are probably worth at least 10 visits to a gym…



    Hats off to you lindsayw, hope you had some decent sponsorship.

    I’d be interested to know what aspect of the bike design you’d change if you could, following such a feat.

    Gearing, although they’re obviously not meant to cope with the ups and downs of Boxhill?

    Saddle comfort? Always found them quite comfy for 30 mins, no numb bits, but 24 hours ???



    i added a gel saddle cover and foam pads on the brake fairings , thats the only things i changed . link to photos below (hope it works)




    Impressed you made it up Box Hill once on a BB let alone 9 times – good effort!



    That is absolutely brilliant!! The next challenge… how far you can go in 24 hours for £1! 8)

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