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    My usual journey from Baker Street (Crawford Street whilst the Baker Street dock has those pretty out of service signs) to Paddington today almost ended twice a bit to close to our four wheeled friends.

    Not sure what was going on on the roads tonight but first a cabbie almost run me over in Harrowby Street when he was trying to over take a parked car on his side of the road and swerved close enough for me to think I was going to get hit with his wing mirror. Then, after crossing Edgeware road and turning right onto Norfolk Crescent I was approaching Cambridge Square when a mother on her school run, turning right into Norfolk Crescent cut the corner and ended up on my side of the road. Luckily I was going quite slow and just managed to stop in time, but with any more speed she would have run me over head on.

    There were parked cars on my side of the road and the corner was totally blind to her, no idea what possessed her to cut the corner – but it really left me shaken. Because in her Range Rover, vs a Boris Bike plus my 5’0 self, at that speed the outcome would have been pretty nasty. I didn’t even managed to hurl something clever at her in time.

    What’s going on?



    Sadly this happens all too much often….

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