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I have a recent issue which I’d welcome any thoughts/ideas on.

I undocked a bike on a weekday evening which happened to have a flat tyre – I noticed it immediately and tried to redock it, but it would not dock in. I tried several times to no avail. So I called the helpline immediately, however it was closed (being nearly 9pm) and the emergency line automated message said only to call it if road accident or such, and they would not help with account enquiry. Left with no choice I placed the cycle into the dock as much as I could and left it overnight. I also rotated the saddle 180 degrees to indicate that it was out of order.

I called immediately the next morning – the guy was quite helpful said he is recording incident and that if im close to the bike, go back and lift it completely off the ground and try (that the flat tyre would make it tough to go into the dock otherwise). I walked back to the bike and this worked. Again I called and said I’ve done this now, and thanks for their help – the call centre said it would have a charge, but that I could apply for a refund – which I did. However, today the refund has come back declined.

Of course I am extremely upset at this – as much as one can blame personal responsibility, from my perspective, I did everything in my power to return that faulty bike including making calls every step of the way. I’ve been using boris bikes for 2 years or so, without any fines or issues, but this has really left a sour taste. I’m definitely going to make further complaints.