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Stonecutter Street update:
Docked there Friday at 2:30 PM to find it three quarters full, no bikes on the pavement and no Serco staff.
The new dock in St Brides Street has 27 point plates installed BUT interestingly the pavement of the piazza at the end of the dock has been dug up significantly all the way to Farringdon Street and is surrounded by fencing indicating the cycle hire scheme. Wether this is futher points which at a guess would be up to 40 or simply the power supply remains to be seen as there were no workman present to ask.
I have also seen a map that suggests another dock will be installed in Plumtree Court, which is the next road up from Stonecutter and is a no through one, except cycles, into Farringdon Street, has single yellow lines both sides and with no vehicles whatsoever. The huge office building on one side appears empty. This potentially looks a very good site for a large new dock.
At Waterloo later in the afternoon I learnt from a redistribution driver there, that the manual staff now only work in the morning with the drivers taking the pavement bikes away back to Waterloo and then later in the afternoon, before rush hour, emptying Waterloo to restock Stonecutter – the Stonecutter staff are now helping out at Waterloo in the evening rush hour and there certainly seemed a lot more than usual when I docked.
This seema a sensible redistribution as the route between the two docks is relatively quick and straightforward, certainly as a bike trip.