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Haggerston currently has a considerable number of new builds in progress and therefore a lot of potential cyclists. A high concentration of these builds are near to the station.
A lot of the proposed docking stations are currently being installed, all of which are considerably larger than normal and appear to have been well sited. There is one at the lower end of Hertford Road by the canal and another by the Station in Haggerston Road in front of Stonebridge Gardens.
In Dunston Road at the end of Acton Mews a huge new block of flats is being built and the small paved square by it is accomodating docking points on both sides, nearly 50 of them. The infrastructure around this area is great for cycling.
Leading from here another two docks are being built on Queensbridge Road – one by Albion Drive and the other by Pownall Road.
I can envisage the bikes being very high profile in this area.