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I don’t think it’s just lycra-wearing cyclists – I see pretty much every kind of cyclist do it. Most of the time I don’t jump red lights, because I’d hate to be in an accident caused by my own stupidity, but there are times where I feel that it could potentially be safer than waiting for the lights to change.

For example, heading south on Lambeth Road, if you need to turn right onto Kennington Road you have to advance into traffic then wait in the middle of the road for the outside lane of northbound traffic to stop. A filter light for cyclists would make it easier to use the gap in the light sequence to turn right safely (rather than have motorists to yell “get out of the way” while trying to overtake, then nearly crash into the outside lane traffic, as happened last week!)

Also, and this might be more controversial, I don’t always stop at zebra crossings. Fair enough if pedestrians are using them, and I can’t safely avoid them, but sometimes stopping sharply is just not feasible. I never ride straight at people, but getting going again isn’t as easy on a bike as it is on a car – I have to work to accelerate!

I guess what I’m saying is, I want to ride safely and considerately, but I’m aware that doesn’t always mean following the strict letter of the law.