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A lot of pedestrians, especially the tourists, will not notice unless you have a horn (due to headphones, and a lot of stressed people walking the streets – the cacophony of car horns does not help.)

It is probably not the answer that you want, but I think you would be probably be better just to accept the situatiion as it is, by all means bring a spare quick release bell, a helmet, and a set of blinkies (lights are sometimes dodgy) if you wish (probably best buying your own bike ;). However, the maxim I pootle by is that one should be sympathetic to those more vulnerable then therirselves:

  • When I am on a bike, I watch out for pedestrians (cycle slow when there are a lot of them and try to anticipate those about to cross) whilst avoiding Addison Lee mini cabs :D
  • When I am in my car, sitck to the limit, adopt 20 is pleanty, and give cyclists a wide berth and plenty of time.
  • When I am in a van, I try to be very predictable and give cars space, cyclists even more, and drive slow where pedestrians are plentiful

Similarly, I’d just expect pedestrians to dart around, and cycle accordingly. Perhaps the break is more important than the bell ;)