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Update 04/07/2012

Route Planning – BETA

Right click to set route start and end points

Right click to get directions

Click and drag points on the route to change (or add ‘vias’)

Bookmark location

When using a desktop the site can’t always get your current location. If you like to check it before leaving work just right click where you work and hit ‘Bookmark Location’. This will refresh the page with a new URL, which you can bookmark.

Then, when you click the bookmark you’ll be zoomed straight into your work!

Change graph periods

I’m planning a big interactive chart update, but for now you can click a dock, then view the large chart. You can add any variation to the end of the URL to view the time period:

&period=1 month

&period=3 day

&period=16 hour

The graph will then refresh to show, for example, the previous 16 hours.


As always, let me know if there are any features you want to see added!