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Nice one Urban :)

I also got an email today:

Thank you for your further email. I hope you had an enjoyable holiday.

As regards the restrictions on us accessing the docking stations in Westminster, the only option open to us is to submit planning applications to have the relevant restrictive conditions removed or altered. This is something we are actively pursuing, and a number of such applications have already been submitted. It essentially centres around amenity, and how sensitive the local area is to noise from servicing the stations – i.e. will it cause a disturbance and wake up local residents during the night. However, there is no guarantee these applications will succeed, and unfortunately it is not an easy or quick process.

With regards to heightened activity in the hours we can access the area, following a discussion with Serco I can advise that areas such as Waterloo and Kings Cross are prioritised, and when emptying these stations at peak PM hours they take the bikes to more local areas such as The Strand and Holborn respectively to allow more trips based on the usage of these docking stations. While we try to ensure that docking stations do not become full or empty, we simply do not have resources to do this in all areas, and must prioritise appropriately.

We haven’t had a lot of feedback of this nature about this area, but please be assured we are keeping a close eye on this and will alter distribution strategies wherever it is necessary.

I hope this helps, and thank you again for your email.

edit: Although prying around the world wide web it seems that the same person deals with: “Replying to escalated complaints regarding the cycle hire scheme in London. Dealing with VIP, Mayoral, and GLA complaints and coordinating responses to Mayors Questions and FOI requests. Also managing correspondence and Operations matters for the scheme.”