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The system it’s self is garbage, I use to work there. I quit simply because nothing was working and every call was the same issue regarding docks totally failing on strike day, cheap software with the company simply being too tight to upgrade. A whole host of problems that could of been avoided if they had simply paid people to ride the bikes for a few weeks before hand.

The haphazard management and the refusal to address issues. There was problems since the launch date but it wasn’t going to stop the scheme because it would be too much effort. There’s not a whole lot as a CSR call center operative you can do and they take all the flack for managements failure. Was a terrible place to work, terrible scheme, I’ve already seen a number of disasters happen there, one of the worse the Notting Hill Gate Saga at 11pm when all docks were full. It’s a debacle at that place. I would never ride the scheme having once worked for it

Even I would of thought by now they would of ironed out the problems