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I completely agree with jamsandwich. I was always a huge supporter and promoter of the scheme but lately, I’ve been extremely disappointed and embarrassed (having promoted it to my friends and family).

I used to use the system every single day but have now stopped using it after the vast majority of attempts to get or return a bike had failed. Also because they now suspended my account…

Only 1 out of 10 journeys happened without any issues (and I’m not including any “couldn’t find a dock” problems). Whenever I try to get a bike out with my fob I have to try at least 3 different bikes, all of which flash yellow for about 20 seconds and then go red. Sometimes it works though. That is very unreliable and not worth the money I paid for it. I can only really use it when I have plenty of time and no plans to get anywhere. And that happens like never.

The other day, I docked a bike in Euston, got a green light and only found out later, when i tried to get another bike (and calling awful customer service), that the bike was not registered. They promised me they would fix this but all I got was a £50 charge on my bill.

Having complained via the website a couple of times I called the service desk to dispute the charge and also to give them my new credit card details. They promised me a callback but I never heard from them again.

It’s a big mess and I am honestly deeply disappointed. Maybe it’s my key fob, maybe it’s bad luck but it’s just too much. Not sure what to do.