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I actually find 1st gear really helpful at traffic lights and other standing starts. 2nd gear, not so much. The website (like all the IT aspects of the scheme) is a joke, as half the threads on this forum show. You and I must have opposite shaped behinds, because I find the seats really comfortable (a real plus point of the bikes for me).

To my main point, I definitely agree there should be more docking points within the old city. I’ve always found it strange that for a scheme sponored by a bank, the area around Bank station is one of the least served areas within the current boundaries (discounting parks). Sure, space is a real premium around there, but for the cost of just a few of the thousands of on-street parking spaces in the area, numerous docking stations could be built.

Who is in charge of these considerations within the city? The status quo of giving priority to on-street parking seems a very inefficient use of space, not to mention a frequent cause of congestion.