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Got a reply from the email I sent to Boris:

Thank you for your email regarding redistribution on the Cycle Hire scheme. I appreciate you taking the time to contact me.

We do operate a zonal system of redistribution with dedicated vehicles to try to ensure that levels of bikes and spaces are available. Serco’s redistribution teams work continually to ensure bicycles are where they are needed and move them around docking stations to ensure that there are bicycles available for those wanting to use them and space for people to leave their bikes at the end of each journey. In addition, teams are deployed in the morning and evening rush hours to ensure we can meet demand, and we continue to work with the nine London boroughs where Barclays Cycle Hire is based in order to get more docking points installed at popular locations and identify additional sites.

TfL continues to work with Serco to find the best methods of redistribution possible, to maximise the availability of cycles and free docking points across the scheme. This includes assigning additional staff out on street to review the situation at docking stations reported as problem areas. Borough restrictions also influence how and when we are able to perform redistribution activity, with both Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea not allowing us to operate between the hours of 22.00-08.00, creating significant challenges in meeting morning peak demand.

We will look into the locations you have mentioned to ensure we are doing all we can to make cycles and spaces available to our users at peak times.

Here’s my reply along with the pretty graphs that went with it (PDF format) :