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I arrived at Finsbury Square at approx 1940 this evening to find Serco stripping the reamining bikes from the atation. The other stations nearby were either empty or showing 1 or two. I had a joke with them as I managed to get the last bike. They were a good bunch but must be following some “master plan” for re-distribution. I did ask them to make sure not to fill up Drummond Street (near Euston) which was showing some empty spaces.

It must be quite a balancing act to make sure there are enough spaces at the stations in the evening but full or almost full docks for the following morning. It doesn’t seem to make sense to strip the one remaining dock in the area with some bikes before 8pm though. Could account for the odd occasion I’ve left the gym heading for a dock showing a reasonable number of bikes only to arrive a few minutes later to find it empty.

I do think that some of what has happened recently has been due to eastern expansion – it used to be pretty easy to find bikes at stations on the edge (e.g. Shoreditch Station) but now that the edge has moved east by a couple (or more) miles all bets are off.

I wonder if Serco have additional staff to cope with the scheme expansion? The guys I see on the street are generally a friendly helpful bunch.