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Replying to @urban‘s post:

“Balance” the tidal flow. That still sounds like you see that there is a problem (no bikes in central London), and you want something done to “resolve” that. Anyway…

The problem is that the original scheme design stated that it would be impossible to deal with commuters (due to the large numbers), and therefore was designed to accomodate them. Unfortunately nobody told the commuters, and due to the way the scheme was initially launched (no PAYG, registration only), commuters made a significant part of the original customer base.

So to avoid getting poor headlines in the papers about the scheme failing, they were forced to deal with commuters by relocating the bikes to *resolve* the tidal flow. And once you start down that slippery slope you build expectations and the problem gets worse and worse.

To carry on relocating bikes due to the tidal flow to ensure that everyone has a bike and an empty dock at the other end would be incredibly expensive, and if they have decided to cut back on the relocations and let the scheme manage itself, then so be it.