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It has been very bad for the past few weeks. Soon as it got warm Serco seemed to disappear from the west end. I did see a guy at Frith Street the other day when he was checking something there but would not remove bikes to allow the people arriving to dock. Why he didn’t call his colleagues with a van to come I don’t know. Of course then finally after 5 minutes someone came to take out a bike another Boris biker just jumped in there and took the space eventhough there was a queue of people waiting. So some Boris bikers queue jumping does not help either. But seriously it was sort of ok in the winter but come summer the system is not coping at all. In the evenings there are no bikes in Covent Garden Soho Bloomsbury Fitzrovia it seems. Of course it does not help that Covent Garden still has a vast central area with no docking stations at all! Replying to @urban‘s post: