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TfL replies, and basically quotes the Terms and Conditions at me. This isn’t an answer, as far as I’m concerned:

Thank you for your email enquiry dated 31 May 2012, regarding the availability of Cycles and Docking Points during peak hours at several Docking Stations in the West End area.

With regards to your raised issue, our Re-distribution team are currently responsible for re-distributing Cycles throughout all the Docking Stations currently in operation. The team will always endeavour to get to each station at their earliest possible time, and would always aim to meet our high expectation of customer satisfaction by delivering a first rate service at all times.

However, there will inevitably always be periods where demand will outweigh the supply. This is why we cannot always guarantee the availability of either Cycles or Docking Points at any given location. This is explained in Condition 8.2 under Section 8 Availability Barclays Cycle Hire of the Terms and Conditions.

8.2 During certain periods, Barclays Cycle Hire may be heavily used so we cannot always guarantee to have a:

(a) Cycle available for use at the Docking Station of your (or an Additional Users) choice or

(b) Docking Point available to dock a Cycle at the Docking Station of your (or an Additional Users) choice

Be assured though that we are endeavouring to add more Docking Stations and Docking Points at various locations in the future to help to deal with this particular issue. Since the inception of the Scheme we have witnessed a huge demand for the service, far more than we expected. And at present we are looking at ways to improve this service and meet the demands of an increasingly popular Scheme.