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What I would like to see is many more bikes on main roads. There are some places where there is so much pavement space or clutter that it could be easily accomodated but borough councils keep vetoing it. When will we have docking stations (and cycle parking) where we actually need and use them?


Oxford Street

Tottehnam Court Road

Torrington Place (woefully absent)

St Pauls


Procter Street, Holborn

Cavendish Square (also woefully absent)

Goodge Street

There should be docking stations near some central London tube stations as they are in constant use e.g. people travelling TO Blackfriars on their way home, also serve those travelling FROM Blackfriars home. There is a constant supply and exchange of bikes – where docking stations allow it – in keeping with scheme ethos. When docking stations are hidden away only those who know where they are end up using them – usually commuters. Can we not have more visible, on street, on main busy road docking stations where people can actually see them being used and get see them as a viable mode of transport?

Churches, places of worship, leisure centres, police stations and places open 24 hours should have docking stations right outside. They are in constant use. Same for colleges and universities such as Birkbeck and UCL. Same for shopping precincts and doctors surgeries. Where are these in the planning stages?