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Had an interesting day riding around Hoxton and Haggerston.

Picked up a bike at Hoxton Station and rode to Regent’s Row in Haggerston, which is a very busy dock by the Regent’s Canal and the interesting Broadway Market,itself undergoing major road and pavement upgrades. A new dock was proposed at the London Fields park end but there is no sign of this at present.

In Queensbridge Road by the side of Haggerston Park a considerable stretch of road has been marked as Cycle Hire Scheme and there is some contractor fencing on the pavement but nothing much going on.

A new docking station, Pitfield Street North, by the Britannia Leisure Centre in Hoxton is now fully built but has been the subject of much controversy over its delayed opening – De Beauvoir councillors have tried for several months to get TFL to give them a date without even a response – they decided to change track and wrote to a Hackney cabinet member who has been able to inform them that the delay has been due to problems in organising a power supply to the site – apparently a problem for several other stations within Hackney which are yet to open! The council are now actively pushing TFL for the outstanding sites to be opened ASAP!

Just an observation – looking at the map of current docking stations and TFL advising that they are on average between 300 – 500 metres apart, there seems to be a distinct lack of them along Westferry Road, Narrow Street, The Highway and Cable Street.