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Had an interesting day – went to Moorgate from Vauxhall Walk and saw the newly sited Moorfield’s dock, which although having a massive 54 points, 28 are not available for some reason?

Around the corner Fore Street Avenue which I used last week when it was opened, is now strangely unusable and surrounded by fencing? In Fore Street adjacent to it a young couple were struggling with the one release code syndrome, which I clarified for them.

In going to St Pauls I accidentally went the wrong way up King Edward Street (whoops) only to pass a sizeable new dock surrounded by fencing.

I docked at Newgate Street close by and which was very busy. The couple from Fore Street were also there and now having problems trying to get out new bikes, so I had to explain the 5 minute rule.

Rode past Sainsbury’s New Fetter Street dock and onto High Holborn and then the New Oxford Street stretch, where there is a really neatly placed new dock in Bury Place, but not yet live.

Probably take me 6 months to cover the new extension area when it opens next week, but being retired there is plenty of time – LOL