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Docked at Grays Inn Road North (33 points) Holborn this afternoon, albeit it is now named Wren Street, I guess to pin point its location. 3 German tourists were struggling with the casual hire “one” release code syndrome – after explaining and obtaining the other two we all found it advisable to wait for the oncoming traffic to pass and the traffic lights change to red before releasing the bikes.

Then rode a bike to Percival Street (22 points) Finsbury which is nearby and also opened today.

The rollout in Camden Town continues with Gloucester Avenue just opening with 24 points.

And it looks like Green Park Station (28 points) has also opened earlier in the day, but if my memory serves me right you cannot cycle in the park?

And finally (hurrah)Kennington Station (23 points) has at last opened albeit it appears to have sited itself on the TFL map next to the Kennington Oval dock?

No mention of these docks opening on TFL Docking Station status web page?

So docks are continuing to open ahead of the expansion date roll out!