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I docked at the station yesterday and at 65 years old found by using the gully to the right hand side of the 5 steps it was relatively easy to push the bike upwards – before docking I tested taking it down also using the gully. Being righthanded it was a little cumbersome but nevertheless ok. How many users will notice the gully and use it is another matter. There were two other users present but they were taking out bikes from the ground level.

I am surprised Boris that TFL press office were not aware of this gully in their response to you? Especially in view of the article dated 26th January on the London SE1 community website stating: “As the docking station will be above ground level, two new sets of stairs with wheel channels for bicycles will be provided”

But then my experience of communication with TFL about the scheme is very poor as also are their Customer Service when it comes to knowledge about the docking stations themselves.


Looking at Southwark Station 2 it’s opening maybe being delayed because the entry steps from Blackfriars Road, of which there are 7, do not yet have the afforementiond “wheel channel” and users would surely struggle?

I noticed however that the same access can be gained from just 3 steps the other side of these entry ones and within the main dock area and which does have a “wheel channel” on the left hand side?

A further 4 steps lead you to the upper docking area and these again do have a “wheel channel”

All very odd!