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Having returned from holiday last Thursday, I too have also noticed a huge improvement in the reliabilty of the scheme and amazing quickness of the bike release – except for the major 2 hour hiccup on the 12th. And re-distribution seems a little better organised.

NOTE: On the 3rd June, Andrew Miles Government Relationship Manager at TFL issued Serco with a ‘Critical Improvement Plan’ requiring them to undertake a swift but comprehensive ‘discovery phase’ to determine the breadth and depth of the issues identified by TFL. Following on, TFL proposed a series of actions to remedy each issue with associated timescales. (BUT the details of which Serco and TFL are ONLY privy to – not us members and taxpayers – owners of the scheme) And these were to be delivered by the end of July 2011 – and in the meantime a 5 million payment due to Serco was being held back subject to these improvements taking effect.

Maybe this happened in a recent software update but I can find no announcement of this nor it’s detail?

Perhaps TFL’s next request should be a re-write of the user unfriendly and time consuming casual hire process which I am convinced must account for 75% of the Help Desk calls?

In 2011 who ever heard of having to insert a CC/DC into the reader a minimum of 2 times for one transaction? 3 or more if two or more bikes are required to print the release codes! I regularly see and help those that struggle to understand what is happening and invariably going wrong!

And perhaps the auto-renew process for members could also be a docking station menu option to reduce the problems it seems to cause mainly for 24 hour members?