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Thanks for the messages. I was just whining…

@7209 This accident was due to an unforeseeable action by someone else – he stepped into the cycle lane right under my wheels. He hadn’t seen me. A couple of weeks earlier I was almost hit by a Merc while turning off the Marylebone Road. He was completely in the wrong, but that wouldn’t have helped me. He hadn’t seen me either.

I wouldn’t presume to tell others what to do – and carrying a helmet is a real pain – but I have now twice been in situations that could have been far worse. On this occasion I wasn’t going too fast and ju-jitsu training came in instinctively, so I fell well. I deliberately avoided the head and my computer in my backpack.

I wouldn’t be human if I wasn’t a bit nervous about getting back onto the saddle. Even the naked cyclists in Parliament Square on Saturday were wearing helmets!