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I think it is a great scheme and that the bikes themselves are brilliant and as a 65 year old state pensioner they have given me a lot of pleasure – over 500 trips and counting. And I passionately want it to work efficiently. But as we all know it has been beset by software problems which have resulted in frustration and overcharging and the scheme being unreliable for all users. And as a consequence of this TFL issuing Serco with a “critical improvement plan” and withholding a five million payment to them.

I fully agree that the green light responsibility is the users, however having said that there still appears to remain a bug even when obtaining a green light and seemingly triggered by the docking station itself going off line. However the problem with the journey record and activity log functions appears to have been resolved and these now work in real time and are therefore proof of docking correctly.

Part of the problem in my opinion is TFL’s lack of communication and that the complaints procedure is not working very well.

My experience over the past few months is that the Help Desk line is experiencing high volumes, asks numerous questions before you can speak to someone, then agents can be abrupt and disinterested and apparently don’t all have the on screen facilities to deal with many of the problems. And do not always phone back when promising to do so. I am always polite.

Having observed user activity at a lot of high usage stations, I believe a lot of phoned problems stem from casual users who can’t understand the convoluted payment process and thus take up valuable time with explanations. Meaning others cannot get through and get frustrated and complaints pile up.

I have also used the TFL web site many times for enquiries and complaints, but found on several occasions over the last year including a week ago (4 days consecutively) that it is not working! When it does an automatic e-mail acknowledgement is generated. Sadly weeks can pass by before you receive a reply and then if you are lucky. EG I have e-mailed 7 times since February about Broadwick Street docking station not having a name plate despite being opened over a year ago. Only two replies received back, both stating that the department concerned is dealing with it – no subsequent feedback as to when it is likely to be actioned – and it still remains without a name

I accept this is a minor complaint but frustrating and unprofessional – I feel that overcharges are being similarly dealt with and of course are of greater concern. Although in fairness I have to add that over the last two weeks the response time has greatly improved.

You must also remember that the London taxpayer, in the main, pays for this scheme, TFL and the GLA, who themselves have scrutiny powers over the running of London, including transport. So I think when things go wrong and TFL are not communicating with their customers (members and casuals) in a professional manner that we have every right to make this known to those responsible for scrutiny, especially costly overcharges due to software problems.