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I’m going to pre-cursor this mini-rant with the statement “I’m very PRO consumer & actually used to work for one of the consumer protection agencies”.


When are people going to start taking responsibility for their actions? This is a wider social issue, but I’ll stick to Boris Bikes for now.

There is a sticker on the handlebars of 99.9% of the bikes stating that when you re-dock you must wait for a green light. What happens if you don’t get one? Simple – phone the call centre! It’s what they’re there for. DON’T just walk away & then bitch and moan about getting charged for not docking the bike. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BIKE UNTIL YOU RE-DOCK IT & GET A GREEN LIGHT

Yes, we know the system isn’t perfect, but it is what it is & we must work WITH it rather than against it. In an ideal world we’d all get green lights immediately on un-docking & re-docking. It isn’t & we don’t. We all know this & continue to use the system so must therefore be prepared to be slightly flexible in our usage.

Yes, you should definitely challenge an unfair overcharge, but give TfL/Serco a chance to sort it out rather than running to Val Shawcross & Caroline Pigeon. If you’re overcharged in Tesco, do you immediately contact the chairman, or do you speak to Customer Services & then the store manager if necessary?

There’s a contact/complaints form on the website. Has anyone used it? Considering you’d be complaining about a Serco service/process, I’d strongly suspect that complaints go direct to TfL so they have visibility of the problem. Let THEM look at it before you escalate to the GLA. Do you really think they would’ve put a scheme this large in place without defining a complaints procedure?

@radii8 – As I’ve said before when you’ve suggested tech changes, don’t just say “xyz should be done, it’s a piece of piss”, contact TfL, show them how it can be done for zero capital investment and actually give something back rather than saying “the system is shit”.

…and breathe!

Apologies if anyone feels slighted (particularly radii8), but I’m fed up with people moaning and saying it’s everybody else’s fault but their own.