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I have used the system twice a day almost every weekday since it was launched so I must have clocked up a fair few hundred undocks / redocks. I have to say that generally it nowadays is working fine since the first few days of major issues.

However I have had two instances where the redocking hasn’t worked properly – once when no light showed at all once I had redocked (although the bike was properly locked in) and once when I did get a green light only to find 4 hours later that ths system still thought the bike was out.

Both times I called the service centre as soon as I realised the problem – the first time they were able to take the bike and docking station details and within about 30 minutes called me back to confirm that the onstreet team had confirmed all was well and in fact the bike showed on the system as docked when I docked it.

The second time was more problematic – they insisted I return to the bay where i had docked the bike – which I couldn’t do as I was now a long way away and couldn’t get a bike to get back there!! Then they called back again to say that the station had gone offline but was now back online and all was well. My £15 was refunded before the charge was taken from my credit card.

So the system still isn’t perfect but I do recommend following the call centre process first as both times for me they were able to sort things out..