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Diabolical. I have just walked past 5 docking stations all with 3 – 8 spaces apparently available according to TFL data (from Kennington Road to Vauxhall) and all with ZERO available spaces available in reality.

I thought this had been fixed? I am sure a few months ago the data was more accurate. Whether it had or it hadn’t how can this still be happening a year after the scheme started?!

Amateur, absolutely diabolical, this is a multi-million pound scheme that is supposed to be in place for many more years to come and the software is still like this – this is also not mentioning all the other problems.

I was lucky that I was walking but I saw about 7/8 boris bikers looking for spaces in vain, they are probably still looking.

Serco/TFL/Boris/Barclays you should be ashamed. Sort it out!