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.. And let the pro/con helmet nonsense begin

Oh, so true. But as all you sensible, balanced readers will surely agree, it has to remain a totally personal choice.

I used to be a regular Boris biker. The success of the system proved, for me, to be its downfall. I couldn’t stand the inability to get a bike when I wanted one so went out and bought a Brompton. Best money I’ve ever spent – absolutely love it.

But here’s my two-pennyworth on the helmet debate. While I was on Bobi’s I never had a helmet. Now, on the Brompton, I wear one. Drivers definitely behave differently towards me (for the worse), when I wear a helmet. Why? No idea, but they get closer, take more risks around me, expect more of me etc when I’m helmeted. And the suburbs are 10 times worse than central London.