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It’s been an eventful day for me, and I’m so stupid I didn’t even realise the saddles were improved. I think mudchute may win the prize for first journey on the Isle of Dogs!

I loved travelling out from the City along CS3 to Westferry. Definitely the best of the superhighways. Canary Wharf is not an easy area to cycle, but there were Serco people on hand to help, and I headed off down Westferry Road (no docks in sight) and docked at Spindrift Avenue. My efforts to get a bike at Stebondale Street failed and this was my first call to the helpdesk of the day. A large piece of carrot cake at Island Gardens fortified me for a trip up Manchester Road (many docks indeed) back to Canary Wharf. Simon is right that the activity was very low. The Serco people at canary Wharf said more people were asking directions (on foot) than about the bikes. Returned to Wapping, had another call to the helpdesk to deal with an undockable bike, but I guess there will always be glitches on day one.

Overall, good, but more docks needed in some locations, and TfL definitely now need to market the scheme, no good having loads of bikes not being used.

Lots more cycling to be done in the next few days I think.