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I am really pleased with not only the zone expansion but also the quality of the new bikes and the lack of system problems that made BB v1 so, err, problematic. Since Thursday I have clocked up 60 miles according to mapmyride, including an entirely gratuitous Westfield (Stratford) to Westfield (Shepherds Bush) challenge which took 60 minutes including one change of bike last night.

Everything is working well, and I am back into the novelty phase that I had in July ’10, including a tiny child in Bethnal Green screaming ‘Barclays Bike, Barclays Bike!!’ at me and his laughing mum across two lanes of traffic (I did give him a ceremonious ring of the bell on the way).

Add to that the joy of accidentally discovering the day/nightlife of Broadway Market, only because it was the nearest docking station as my timer approached 29:00, and all in all it makes a great weekend and bodes well for future expansion to Hammersmith and those other places out west.