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Hi bb_queenie,

I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying the app. Hearing that people like using it makes having built it seem worthwhile, so thanks for getting in touch.

The “Reason: ‘unavailable’” part of the error message indicates that the phone is not reporting your current position to the app. Can please check that the location services are turned on on your phone? There are instructions for doing this here (I’d recommend GPS if your phone supports it)

You ought to be able to verify the location services are working by using another app that needs your location – for instance does Google Maps find your location accurately?

If your location services are turned on and working on other apps and Dockr is still not working, please try uninstalling it and downloading it again. (You won’t have to pay again.)

If none of that works, please can you let me know your phone model and the version of Android it’s running and the version of Dockr you have installed (should be 1.4).

There are so many variables on mobiles that finding the root cause of problems can be hard, but I hope this is useful and we can get Dockr working again for you.