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>>> If there are connection problems to the main system there can be a delay until the information goes through.

It’s more broken than that. I had an incident (see my 24hr hire issues thread) where I was getting flash of doom, called the call centre and they told me my previous bike was missing. Went to the place I had left it (whilst still on the phone to the call centre), undocked my previous bike, re-docked it and the issue cleared.

This suggests to be that if the station is unable to communicate it will start to lose information and when it does subsequently connect it still doesn’t send the information. This theory is backed up by the fact that I have no journey details for the last three days worth of 24hr hires… zilch.

The only saving grace appears to be that the next time someone (SERCO or otherwise) undocks the bike it seems to mark the bike as being mysteriously recovered.